62nd PPLA Annual State Convention- NOLA

Just wanted to blog about my trip to NOLA for the state convention for Professional Photographers of Louisiana!  It was a wonderful 3 days with great speakers, Rich Newall, Gary and Pam Box, Cliff Ranson and Jenny Hollis, and Richard Sturdevant.  These speakers come from all over the country to share their tips and tricks of the trade with us!  They are all so very talented!  Can’t wait to start trying out some new things that I learned from them.  I was also recognized in front of all my peers in the industry for becoming a certified professional photographer this past year along with 9 others!  They are only 33 of us in the state at this time!  Now to the really good stuff!!  I got to visit with some of the best long distance relationship best friends a girl can have in this business!  I always look forward to hanging out with my girls on these trips, Ms. Brenda Trahan of Jennings, Ms. Rebecca Ruelet of Chackbay, Ms. Michelle Fuselier of Lafayette.  There are many more but these go way back to the beginning of my journey to be a great photographer!!  I also connected with so many great new friends this year!  The Hollywood themed party was awesome the best one yet!  Can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year!  Oh and I almost forgot, walked along side of the famous Sylvester Stallone on Monday morning when we ended up side by side in the hotel lobby!  That was kinda cool to actually see him right next to me!  He still looks great!  All in all it was a fun and memorable convention, thanks to all who was involved!  I will post some pics soon!

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